I've decided to shut IdeaStream down, there just doesn't seem to be enough interest in it to justify the time and cost maintaining it. Sorry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the questions come from?

For now, the questions come from Quora. The tool scrapes questions from the last 24 hours in the topic that you subscribe to. It then orders them by the number of followers (of each question) and sends them off to you.

How many questions will I get in an email?

You will get up to 10. Some topics get hundreds of questions over a day, but you'll only get the most popular. Some topics only have a few questions per day, and you'll receive all of them.

Can I subscribe to multiple topics or change email frequency?

Those options aren't available on the free plan. A paid plan gives you much more control over email settings. You can subscribe to up to 5 topics, choose which days to receive emails on, as well as how many questions per topic to receive.

Why use this over just going to sites like Quora manually?

Convenience and reliability. In the past that's what I did, and I either forgot to do it, or was annoyed with the terrible UI for browsing recent questions.